InDesign Work-Guide & Portfolios

Bellow you will find some information about InDesign the tools and how to approach it when creating any document. The PDF is a good resource for you to use if you have questions about the program.

For those applying into second year, it would be a good idea you start to work on your master pages, and start to look over some of the work that you have and would like to include on your portfolio. We will talk further about portfolio making next week.

For those who are not applying into second year, learning and using InDesign is a great tool and one that would put you above anyone doing any type of layout or presentation. Therefore I still recommend you use it.

EVERYONE, will need to submit some sort of portfolio. those applying into second year you will submit your final portfolio. Those who are not applying into second year, will submit a class portfolio (using all work from this class or previous class). If you have any question regarding this let me or your TAs know. This will only be a completion grade. We will not grade the portfolio, only the fact that you submitted onto the server. Therefore, the grade will only be 100% or 0%. 

InDesign Tutorial Guide

Adobe CC Design Basics Guide


Bellow are some links to TTU Student Portfolios, all of which are successful but unique in their own method. Remember, you need to create you OWN PERSONAL portfolio, but you can always get inspired by others. Note, that these are upper level students, and you probably won’t have extensive work for each project. That is OK. What is important is to look at how the graphics all read cohesive and as a single book although they have different project. You all will get to have plenty of work as you progress through the Architecture program


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