The following websites are great resources for Digital Media 2,  your studio courses, and architecture project in general.  They will be great tools to solve problems or try new methods of development.

Food for Rhino: a comprehensive website listing all available plugins for Rhino and Grasshopper.  Create an account to download plugins

Digital Toolbox*: tutorial based website that categorizes Rhino and Grasshopper into beginning, intermediate, and advances tutorial videos. *Review the Rhino tutorial videos to help brush up on your Rhino skills.

Paneling Tools*: a plugin for Rhino that “supports intuitive design of paneling concepts as well as rationalize complex geometry into a format that is suitable for analysis and fabrication.”  *This plugin should be downloaded.

Section Tools*: A plugin for Rhino that “helps create sections that updates with model changes.  Sections can create outline curves, solids and hatches. It also create updatable 2D layout of sections.  There are many utility functions to move sections, load sections locations from external file, view sectioned models (clipping) and generate 2D outlines of sectioned 3D models.” *Download and familiarize yourself with this valuable tool.

Visual ARQ*: another plugin for Rhino that “adds architectural features and parametric architectural objects that are suitable for both 3D modeling and 2D documentation.” A valuable plug-in that could help with studio project modeling and documentation, available for purchase only (optional).  All lab computers for the Fall 2014 semester will have ARQ installed.